Treat Your Body, Ease Your Mind, Lift Your Spirit

Karen is an expert in mind, body, spirit awareness. She offers an eclectic approach incorporating tools that have helped her personally.


The Mind - This involves the energetic aspects of the body because the heart controls the mind according to Chinese Medicine. If the heart is open and free of fear the mind is more clear and awake to react from a person's true essence rather than the ego.


Karen's studies in Transpersonal Psychology offer a holistic approach to balancing and mental instability. She also uses Acupuncture & Herbs, Breathwork or Coaching to facilitate healing the Mind.


The Body - Imbalance or blockage in the physical body can take a toll on overall health and wellness, including the Mind & Spirit. When symptoms arise it is best to take a preventative approach and find out asap what the root cause of the symptoms are.


Any pain related symptom should be resolved sooner than later. Pain medication or muscle relaxers are not a wise solution to healing. The best healing comes from seeing a holistic practitioner who is knowledgable about the muscles and structure of the body.


The Spirit - This could easily be the most important part of wholeness yet it is often the most forgotten. We are spiritual beings living a human life. If one can remember this truth, they will have a much better chance to free the energy in the body and maintain a state of wholeness.


Karen has a regular practice of meditation along with over 10 years experience with Breathwork & altered states of consciousness. She has studied several cultural philosophies focused on the intent to heal the body through a spiritual practice. Karen has studied and experienced the Buddhist philosophy, Sufism, Hinduism, Pagan, Sumerian, Christianity, Catholicism, and Eastern Medicine,