Exercise For Your Health

Exercise helps our whole body function. It doesn't matter so much what exercise you do as long as you do something 3-4x per week. Some people get enough exercise by walking daily. Others need a more vigorous  workout. This all depends on you and your lifestyle. The best fitness program will include time for stretching, cardio and strength training. Make it fun, do what you enjoy doing!


Karen got involved in fitness at a young age. She started with gymnastics and dance in elementary school. As a young adult, she exercised daily at a local health club. In college, she earned a Minor in Dance Theatre. She has a Certification in Pilates Instruction and she is currently a TaeKwonDo 2nd degree Black Belt. 


Karen says, "It's not just about the exercise and the sporting incentive, I enjoy being outdoors. When I am runnng or cycling, I enjoy the interaction with nature. In fact, I find myself master-minding while exercising. Some of my best motivational insights come through at this time."