Classes Offered

Identifying with Chakras thru Symbolism & Myth

March 28th & Apr 4th, 7:30-9p

Location; First Unity Church, 460 46Ave N (off of 4th St) RM 301, St Pete. 

Suggested Love Offering $15

By identifying with ancient myth, symbolism and the chakra energy in our body we become aware of obstacles that may be holding us back. Karen Castle, MA will use quotes from Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell relating to the energy. These ideas will come directly from her book on how everyone has the capability to reach their highest potential. Includes a relaxed chakra meditation. 



Global and Personal Breakdown and Breakthrough Group Share

May 2012 - evenings & location TBD

This is a 4-week series that will touch on Dr Stan Grof's Teleseminar and understanding of personal breakdown and breakthrough. Dr Stan Grof is an international psychologist, pioneer of Transpersonal Psychology and developed Holotropic Breathwork. His philosophy is based on the concept that breakdown and breakthrough are two sides of the same coin, they can mutually inform and in fact morph into each other as a deep spiritual transformation.


Karen will facilitate support around the important understanding of transformation --a paradoxical look at working with the inner guidance to go through crisis, chaos, turmoil in order to come into a breakthrough for growth and spiritual insight.