The Enneagram Personality Types

The Enneagram is an ancient system based on the whole of the Self. 


Understanding our basic personality through an objective viewpoint allows one to gain a wider perspective of patterns and traits. These patterns that seem unique to our own character stem from a bigger picture encompassing our own basic desires and our basic fears. Ironically  these patterns and traits are similar to many depending on one's level of health.


The Enneagram symbol has roots in antiquity and can be traced back at least as far as the works of Pythagoras. The symbol was reintroduced to the modern world by George Gurdjieff, the founder of a highly influential inner work school. The Enneagram of Personality Types is a modern synthesis of a number of ancient wisdom traditions, but the person who originally put the system together was Oscar Ichazo.


"The Enneagram guides us toward nothing less than learning how to consciously surrender the ego-self of personality to the greater Self so that we can become conscious participants in the sacred mystery of life. In reality, it entails the surrender of nothing—our personality—in order to receive the gift of everything—the life of the Spirit. But the first step on that path involves being willing to observe ourselves so that we can stop playing out the unconscious dictates of our personality." Riso-Hudson, 2000


Karen is on staff for the Riso-Hudson Part II Training offered at their World Headquarters every year. Please visit their website for more info.


Karen has been studying the Enneagram Personality Types since 2005. Her personality type is 9. In 2010, she completed the Riso-Hudson training program. This developmental process has helped her tremendously in her path of inner-knowing. Alongside the Holotropic Breathwork, the Enneagram personality structure is Karen's base for inner healing and continued search of truth and Divine presence. Both of these profound methods have opened her heart to deep inner peace and continued growth in spirituality.