Karen "Mari" Castle, Ph.D. is an international teacher of the Healing Arts. Mari received her Ph.D. in Wisdom Studies focused on the mysteries and ritual of ancient wisdom. Her study of and Master degree in both Transpersonal Psychology and Oriental Medicine is the basis behind her expertise in the mind, body, spirit approach to health and wholeness. She is passionate about helping others live happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyles.  


Each page of this website has important information for those interested in attaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. Enjoy browsing around and if you have any questions, feel free to Contact Mari by email.   


Karen "Mari"Castle hosts workshops offering a style of Breathwork that opens one to his/her own inner wisdom. She is a Transformational Coach assisting fellow seekers to dive deeper into their own inner truth.


Some recent Testimonials:


Thank you again for the great work that you did with us at The Barn last week. My experience with the Holotropic Breathwork was amazingly rich. I am very grateful for your support during this powerful step in my personal development.


I was quite skeptical about the breathing but it had a profound effect on me and is still with me.  I had 3 images that came to me:  flying over the earth, a beautiful castle and being engulfed in warm yellow light.  I am so glad that I did it.  Thank you for your important work!

Mari has an eclectic background that weaves together some of the best tools for overall health and wholeness. For more information on upcoming workshops stay tuned for updates and reminders and/or email her directly for detailed info.