Transformational Coaching


Experiencing a life transition? Need guidance to change old patterns and belief systems? Contact Karen to help you with your transformative process. Or click here for Program Details!


"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."

~Soren Kieregaard



Explore unlimited possibilities!

Let your inner light shine and discover your true Self

by remembering who you are!

Read more TestimonialsI highly recommend Dr Karen Castle as a transformational coach. She helped me connect with my inner self, explore various problem-solving avenues and creatively generate solutions for my daily living. With Karen’s expertise, excellent organization and trustworthy nature I had an AWESOME experience that continues to create transformation in my life. ~Sarah, Tampa, FL



In just 9 sessions you can Rebirth and you can be on your way to unleashing your highest potential!


Dr Karen Castle will help guide you to wherever you want to be or to living your life on purpose. Through the use of various assessments, systems and intuition, Karen will create a program that is designed especially for you. Everyone is unique and has different interests or dreams that help them live life passionately!


In order to self-realize we must be aligned and connected through body, mind and spirit. If you need help in all 3 areas, the 9 sessions provide the best outcome for balancing all three. For example, if you need help feeling more connected to your higher self, we can spend more time in this area to help you accomplish a goal or life dream.


Karen will combine these concepts to support and guide you:


This 9 session program will guide you to a place of inner essence and remembering who you are and why you chose to live this life. Karen has utilized all of the tools noted above for her open personal growth and transformation. She has worked with life coaches, astrologers, psychics and a multitude of systems in order to discover her true self. However, she has designed this program based on what works best for her own transformational growth. 


This is not a fixed program. It will be designed specifically for your own personal growth--focusing on where you are with your personal process and where you would like to be.