Karen's Workshops

The Traditional Holotropic Breathwork model is an all day workshop. During the workshop, two 3hour music sessions are played. One person will breathe in a session and the other person will sit. These roles will switch for session 2. Mandala Drawing is available after each session and a circle group sharing will close the day.

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I just finished the Enneagram Part II training in NY with you.  Thank you for doing the work that you do.  The Holotropic Breakthwork was by far the best part of the Part II training for me.  It was an *awesome* experience.  I had done Holotropic Breathwork a few times before Part II, but I didn't get as far as I did in the environment you created.  Thank you. ~Diane, New York

Montreal 2011

NOTE: One-to-One Individual sessions are once again available along with group of 3 or smaller.


A very important component to doing Holotropic Breathwork is the setting of trust and safety. Karen holds sacred space for others to access a doorway and seek guidance to their inner healer or inner wisdom. She has been hosting workshops since 2005.

Holotropic Breathwork is a practice where one uses deeper and faster breathing to access inner guidance or open the energy flow (the qi) in the body. The Holotropic Breathwork model utilizes the breath and music to access an altered state. Holotropic means "moving towards wholeness."

Modern Goddess Retreat Jun 11

Modern Goddess Retreat June 2011