Welcome to the Testimonial Page. This page is hear for you to make comments. Your testimony can make a diference in someone's decision to do the Breathwork workshop or to seek treatment or coaching by Dr Karen. 

Karen's approachable and informal style engenders a sense of focused calm throughout the workshop as she skillfully guides participants through the depths of  Holotropic breathwork with clarity and compassion. ~Diane Maloney, Tampa


Karen, you really helped me get clear on my own path and helped me remember some experiences that will assist me on my journey. Thank you and I hope to attend another class soon!  ~KC, Clearwater


Karen has been my favorite therapist for over 10 years. Her vast knowledge, high levels of spirituality and compassionate heart makes her one of my favorite people. Thankyou Karen for your magical healing energy and touch! ~JJ, St Pete


Karen, thankyou for a wonderful experience! It was a very meaningful process for me. I sure appreciate your support. My friend also had a powerful and beautiful experience.    

~Jeff, Ft. Lauderdale


Thankyou again for a most extraordinairy gift. The breathwork workshop was profoundly heart-opening for me. You have quite a gift of intuition, gentleness and generosity. I am looking forward to more of your workshops and seminars. ~Tina, Tampa


The Modern Goddess workshop was amazing!!You are a fun, wonderful person, Thank YOU!!! I loved it. ~Laura, Sarasota


I enjoyed the group experience of sisterhood, trust, mutual respect, and spiritual growth.  I knew that I was among like-minded women.   The one-hour breathing session whizzed by (unfortunately) because this spiritual experience illuminated a part of my being that I didn't even know was available to me!    I look forward to another opportunity to learn from you.  Thank you so much!

Beverley Tabit

It can be akward sometimes trying to connect to people you don't know.  I didn't feel any of that.  I immediately felt accepted and welcomed.  It's not often in my life that I feel absolute acceptance and I did with this group.  I had no qualms about sharing my thoughts and feelings with remarkable women.  I look forward to another opportunity like this one, to help remind me I matter. Keep up the great work.

~MaryAnn, Clearwater


I did a workshop years ago, but Karen's beathwork I must say ranks # 1 in my book. I highly recommend it for the money/time well spent. I look forward to the next!

Rev. Elena C. Jones


I have done a lot of workshops in my life and this one ranks as the best in terms of clearing energy, opening new vision. I highly recommend it for both money and time were well spent.     ~Hamid, Sarasota


If you are looking for a safe space to connect with your deepest essence, attend a Holotropic Breathwork session...and you will leave feeling whole, blessed and refreshed.       ~Chris, St Pete


At first I was reluctant to attend the Holotropic breathwork. I was dealing with a lot of grief since my son committed suicide. It was life changing for me, through this experience I was able to release the emotions I had been suppressing for years. I was grateful for the love and support I received and I highly recommend this to anyone.   ~Ginny, Clearwater


I am very grateful for my experience and I plan to do it again. It was my first time and I was amazed at the results. I was certainly in a higher realm or state of pure energy or love. Karen said the feelings stay with you and she is right.  ~anonymous


My non-ordinary state of consciousness consisted of an "out of body" experience yet I was aware of what I was doing physically the entire time. At one point, I was standing with my soulmate in a nebulous setting, pointing out who my ancestors were. It is an addictive and beautiful experience, I feel like I want to go back and talk with them. ~Richard, Clearwater


I find myself very drawn to the breathwork. It seems to activate multiple levels simultaneously: physical, emotional, creative, healing, awareness, energetic and visual. The new age "stuff" does nothing for my spiritual or creative Self but Grof's books are great because I respond to them on an energetic/creative/archetypal level. ~Steve, St Petersburg



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