Event Calendar for 2018

Global Breathwork Day

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    DESCRIPTION                                                      LOCATION        
  MARCH 9th     Holortropic Breathwork: 1-Day 8:30-5:30p Quaker Meeting House, St Pete  
  AUG 24th     Holotropic Breathwork 1-day 8:30-5:30p Counterbalance Therapy, Brandon, FL  
  Dec 20th-22nd     Goddess Gathering: Breathing in the Light  Your Location  
  Jan 25th     Holotropic Breathwork  Fort Pierce, FL  
  Jan 30th     Awakening the Sacred Feminine Within FREE Monthly Calls  
  FEB 1st 2020    

Holotropic Breathwork

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Quaker Meeting House, St Pete  
  FEB 21st     Holotropic Breathwork Charlotte, NC  
  March 30th     Holotropic Breathwork Newport, OR  
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