Everybody experiences stress. It's the body's natural reaction to tension, pressure and change. A certain amount of stress helps to make life more challenging and less boring.


However, too much stress can be bad for your overall health. It's important to recognize and manage stress before it gets the best of you.


Signs of Stress:

  • Headache                      Tension                      Anger
  • Upset Stomach               Diarrhea                    Lack of Appetite
  • Inability to sleep             Depression                Mood Swings
  • Lack of energy                Lack of Hope             Inability to
  • Frequent Colds                Anxiety                     Low Immune system

Here are 20 Stress Relief Tips!

  1. Think Positively and surround yourself with others who think the same.
  2. Avoid the trap of demanding too much on yourself. Ask for help!
  3. Learn to be flexible, let go of trying to control situations.
  4. Every morning, write a list of 'Things to do today', be reasonable.
  5. Divide big tasks into smaller more manageable ones.
  6. Eat a well-balanced diet, full of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  7. Get plenty of sleep each night.
  8. Include moderate exercise to boost your energy level and your mood.
  9. Make time for relaxation. Read a book, listen to music or meditate.
  10. Avoid tobacco, alchohol and drugs. They only make matters worse.
  11. Use mistakes and setbacks as opportunities to learn.
  12. If possible, say "NO" to tasks that you know will be stressful for you.
  13. Confide in at least one friend and share your disappointments and achievements. Talk things out in confidence so as not to build up.
  14. Be ready to admit when you are wrong.
  15. Eliminate everyday sources of stress such as overdoing or clutter.
  16. Laugh! Look for the humor in life and take time to have fun!
  17. Remember, its okay to cry.
  18. Practice deep breathing. Get in a comfortable position and take in slow, deep breaths.
  19. Attend a workshop on self-growth or expanding awareness.
  20. Choose to see the good in others as a reflection of your own Self.